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            The Only Indoor Shooting Range in the Country Designed for
"Women, Their Families and Friends"!
Carry Classes
$22 (incl. Gun
& Ammo!)
NO Gimmicks!

Best of all, we teach you to shoot well, too!
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Ammo Blowout
While Supplies

You can stop by the range and stock up on ammo from our supplier at better than low prices!
Get 50 rounds of ammo for only $15!While supplies last!
(38, 380, 9mm, 40 and 45 calibers!)


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Totally run by qualified and
 highly trained volunteers,
 we are open everyday by
 appointment or during
 regular posted hours!

Take a Handgun Carry Permit class with us and receive a MEMBERSHIP to our range, FREE! (Plus you can bring your friends and family with you!)

Here is why . . . we know the importance of truly being prepared to defend yourself or a loved one should you be faced with the need to use deadly force. Simply taking the handgun Carry Class and getting your permit is only the beginning. We also know that it can be expensive to purchase a range membership to maintain and improve your shooting skills . . . and because we are ALL unpaid VOLUNTEERS we can afford to give you a FREE range membership! And, guess what else? . . .  you can bring friends and family members FREE too! No Gimmicks, No Kidding!

And even though it may be hard to believe, it really is FREE to shoot at Family Fun indoor Range when you participate in one of our Handgun Carry Permit classes! (a $128 value). Plus, the $22 fee includes all of the supplies you will need to qualify including the use of our state of the art easy to hear instruction while on the line ear protection, eye protection, guns and ammo--no additional rental rates apply!

We are dedicated to the community, your personal protection needs and providing the best instruction and continuing education in the country . . . Best of all, at a range that is specifically designed for the modern woman and her family!

We also let kids 5 years old an up shoot with a qualifying adult and give them their first safety and firearms lesson FREE! Give us a call for more details and to schedule a FREE private instruction class for your kids at 865-248-8277.

The range has been remodeled and is fabulous. Plus, the range is HEATED and AIR CONDITIONED, really!
The bathroom is prettier than many you would find at home and speaking of home, you will feel like you are enjoying hanging out with friends in your living room!

You can shoot guns, watch football games, enjoy Home and Garden TV, Cooking programs, movies and more!
Besides, you never can tell who will drop by for some fun!
Here are a few photos:

Check out our new furniture and gathering areas!

Like us on Facebook and see photos of kids of all ages having a great time! 
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