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Handgun Carry Classes
includes Gun & Ammo!
EVERYONE who takes a Handgun Carry Permit Class
with us receives a $128 value
Here is why . . . we know the importance of truly being prepared to defend yourself or a loved one should you be faced with the need to use deadly force. Simply taking the handgun Carry Class and getting your permit is only the beginning. We also know that it can be expensive to purchase a range membership to maintain and improve your shooting skills . . . and because we are ALL unpaid VOLUNTEERS we can afford to give you a FREE range membership! And, guess what else? . . .  you can bring friends and family members FREE too! No Gimmicks, No Kidding!

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Please note: There are NO Gimmicks,
no matter what those who are trying to compete may imply . . .

Others try to compete but can't because we have the best rates, ammo is included, and you never have a gun or gear rental fee! Plus, our Handgun Carry Permit Classes are "not the same ol', same ol' class" that boasts, "same class, less money" . . . our classes are fun, informative and include everything you need to successfully complete the state's requirements to acquire your handgun carry permit!
Best of all, we teach you to shoot well, too!

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has been offering Handgun Carry Permit Classes for FREE, since 2008! 

SFWA has helped tens of thousands of women, and men who accompany them, pass both the written exam and live-fire requirements of the state certified course necessary to apply for a permit to carry a handgun for personal protection . . . and their dedicated volunteers look forward to working with you too!
  SFWA University has a Handgun Training School at Family Fun Indoor Range now, and you can take the class for $25 including Ammo cost and use of our gun to qualify NO Gimmicks, NO Kidding! You can participate in the class FREE (without making a pre-class donation to confirm a seat) by getting on our standby list, too! Check out your options completely because even though others try to compete by lowering their advertised prices (which do not include the cost of ammo and you have to still may have to rent guns), SFWA classes are less costly and are preferred by thousands of others who have taken our classes since 2008!                                                                 
 NOW, SFWA is offering them at too!
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People often ask if men may attend the classes held by SFWA . . . the answer is YES! However, we ask that you have a woman sign up as well because we are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping women (and a few good men) learn more about firearms safety and personal protection.

SFWA is operated by VOLUNTEERS and funded by donations.

Our classes are taught by "Softer Side of Shooting Certified" Instructors who understand what women want.

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Couples, groups, friends, family, and co-workers are encouraged to
share the experience many others have enjoyed!


held on  Saturdays from 10am to 6pm! Be sure to register ASAP as space is
very limited in the handgun carry classes offered at this location.

Email Questions to: familyfunindoorrange@comcast.net
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