increase the odds you will prevail if attacked, build confidence, ability and more!

What Women Want Course - Get Custom Fit for Guns and Gear

  This is the opportunity to "shoot" a lot of handguns and discover
carry options that suit your lifestyle!

(Classroom and Range with Live Fire)

Do not purchase a handgun for personal protection until your take this course
you will save money and the frustration of getting the wrong gear

This is the 1st course you should take

What to expect . . .

"Before you decide what handgun you want to to use for personal protection, discover what women want in a carry firearm from an up-close and personal perspective . . . by shooting both revolvers and semi-automatics of different types and calibers suitable for carrying for personal protection. Plus, we help you custom-fit gear to your lifestyle, too. It is disturbing each time a woman shares her frustrations having spent money on someone else's recommendations. We hope you will spend some time with us in this course to avoid costly mistakes . . . and to discover for yourself why only YOU can make the right choice(s)."—Susan Romanov, SFWA Founder


SFWA's What Women Want is a comprehensive "hands-on" course designed to help women determine what they want in a handgun for personal protection, how to carry it comfortably and securely, what caliber is best, the trigger pull that makes shooting more enjoyable and effective, and very importantly, how it relates to each woman's individuality . . . truth is, one-size does not fit all!

This is a personal fitting for you with one of our SFWA Certified Instructors who will help you select the type and
caliber of gun and the gear that works best with your body and unique qualities! Once we narrow down the possibilities for you, we will take you on the range to try them out! Remember, we do not sell guns or gear . . . we just help you make the best choices for your lifestyle and personality!

There is so much more to selecting the best guns and gear than how they feel, or renting different models and test firing them, or worse yet, realizing that even if they feel good and you can shoot them well, that you could not hold on to them in a fight for your life! There is also the issue of carrying the gun with you in your daily life . . . and the ability to actually access it efficiently should you ever have to use it (God forbid)!

It is so frustrating for ladies who purchased a firearm for personal protection that: "felt great at the store" or "is what a friend said would work for me" or "the man in my life picked out" only to discover when they began learning to use the gun they purchased that it is NOT what they wanted after all. Sometimes, due to budget restraints, selections are made only due to price which if not the right gun for you to use effectively and efficiently, actually ends up being a waste of money. Plus, guns cannot be returned for a refund; they can be traded or resold but rarely at the price paid.
Good news . . . Everything is provided for you in this course. However, you may bring any of your own handgun(s) if you want a custom-fit comparison to the other options presented.

SFWA's What Women Want - Get Custom Fit Course is suitable for adults of all ages and will help you fit a gun and gear to your own unique individual qualities and physical attributes. No worries, even if you have had problems manipulating the slide on a semi-automatic handgun, we can show you a technique that works for virtually everyone!

Plus, finding the best way to carry a handgun for personal protection within your lifestyle is our speciality without you having to spend a lot of money purchasing holsters, purses and/or other gear that end up in a drawer or closet.
This course is similar to a "bra-fitting" experience, you no longer have to guess what fits you best for everyday comfort or what you need to increase the odds you will retain your firearm and access it quickly when seconds count and your life depends on it. This course is designed to increase the odds you will prevail in an attack! 

SFWA's What Women Want Extended Course is actually a 6 hour course that we have condensed into a "Get Custom Fit for a Gun and Gear" 3-4 hour course to meet the needs of most women and men who attend. yes, we fit guys to guns and gear too! The target pictured here was the result of the extended 6 hour course that gives participants the opportunity to shoot an array of different caliber of handguns from .22 caliber to the "Judge" [a revolver that shoots 45 long colt or 410 shotgun shells]. Each person [many who had not ever even shot a 45] actually shot a 45 caliber 1911 Smith & Wesson bullet in the same spot on this target which ended up looking like a heart. It just turned out that way; but it is no wonder as SFWA students always claim to love SFWA training!

What some of our students have to say . . .

Veronica C

Sevierville, TN

I was a complete newbie and somewhat fearful of carrying a gun. Getting custom-fit for a gun and gear gave me a lot more confidence.

Tom H

Jackson, TN

I would highly recommend making the trip to take this course! Travel expenses were nothing compared to losing money purchasing the wrong gun and gear!  Yep, men can take the course, too!

Sheila W

Knoxville, TN

When I made up my mind to get a gun after being in a situation that made me fear for my life, I was so thankful that I could get custom-fit for the tools I need to protect myself!

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