Family Fun Indoor Range presents . . . SFWA's Family Gun Safety Class for KIDS Only $10!

It All Starts with a Pre-Scheduled 
Handgun Safety Course . . .
Parents Participate, Too!

SFWA Family Gun Safety for Kids 6-17 years of age

SFWA has taught thousands of kids handgun safety and how to use proper sight alignment, trigger pull and other marksmanship skills to hit the target in a fun, relaxed and safety conscious environment, since 2003. Best of all, when kids are taking their first shots on the range, everyone else stops shooting to watch and provide a quiet atmosphere to keep the noise factor to a minimum. Sometimes onlookers have so much fun watching the kids, they become their cheering section!

What to Expect . . . 

Kids have fun!

Kids and a minimum of one parent or guardian will participate in a 30-45 minute safety class which will teach them SAFETY with a handgun, and techniques to properly and accurately shoot a handgun. Then under the guidance of an SFWA Master Instructor, they take their first shots!

Kids of all ages always hit the target | No kidding!

Why is preregistration required?

Our instructors spend quality one-on-one time with each child during the kids safety class. At Family Fun Indoor Range we also offer safety classes for adults who have very little or no experience with handguns, handgun carry permit classes, advanced courses and more! So, prescheduling is required to assure a SFWA Master Instructor is available for your child. Also, kids classes are kept very small to assure that your child has the best opportunity for success. 

Here is one of our little ones taking her first shot!

With mom and dad watching closely, this sweet little gal followed every direction from SFWA Founder, Susan Romanov, and hit the target on her first shot . . . they wanted us to share their video to encourage other families to trust SFWA and Family Fun Indoor Range for safe and precision training for kids of all ages and experience levels. Once your child has successfully participated in the Kids Safety Course, they will receive a custom printed color certificate with a pledge signed by your child and the SFWA Master Instructor. Then, they may shoot at the range with you anytime! 

Every Family Receives a Digital Copy of Shooting for Women's Firearms Safety, Tips & Techniques for Gun Proofing Kids

A $9.95 Value is yours FREE . . .

SFWA's Founder, Susan Romanov, wrote and produced this awesome guide for adults who have young people in their lives who are interested in learning about firearms safety, marksmanship and the fun all the shooting sports have to offer. It is one of SFW's most requested special editions and is provided to each family FREE when their child participates in a Kid's Safety Course at Family Fun Indoor Range!

The cost of the Kid's Safety Course per kid, 6-17 yrs old is only $10 

SFWA Master Instructors are all volunteers and do not get paid to teach classes at Family Fun Indoor Range. They do it because they have a sincere desire to help our young people grow to become responsible firearms owners and continue the history of our country supporting the 2nd Amendment and honoring our Veterans for protecting the freedoms we have today. The $10 donation to SFWA per kid helps pay for the cost of providing the course materials, guns and ammunition necessary for teaching the course.  Adults attend for FREE. The $10 donation is per child only. [All donations are non-refundable. It is donations, such as yours, that have helped SFWA continue to offer the courses we do. Thank you in advance!]

Call or EMAIL us with any questions . . . 

Phone 865-446-2699 during regular business hours and someone will help you get registered as well, or you may simply click the link to review the class schedule and to reserve your seats ASAP. 

We encourage you to visit to learn more about Shooting for Women Alliance or check out our social media pages . . .


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