Before shooting on the range

All who have little or no experience with handguns must participate in a 30-minute safety class
Preregistration is required

What to expect

Adults participate in a 30-minute safety class which will teach them SAFETY with a handgun, and techniques to properly and accurately shoot a handgun. Then under the guidance of a SFWA Master Instructor, they take their first shots! All first shots are made with .22 caliber self-defense type pistols that are fit to each participant's hand size which helps them concentrate on the basic elements of good marksmanship without introducing a larger recoil into the procedure. Thereafter, participants may shoot their own handguns. Anyone who cannot keep the muzzle of the gun pointed at the target throughout the process will not be permitted to shoot on the range as safety is our priority.  The good news is, all of those who participate in this class hit the target the first time . . . and many put two shots in the same hole!  People who have shot before may sit in on the class with a friend or family member that is a new shooter; and often improve their own marksmanship results with the tips and techniques presented in the class. The cost for the class is $5 per person and includes the gun and ammo necessary to complete the class. There is a $12 daily membership fee required per person. 

Plus, once completing the safety course and shooting for the first time, participants may continue to shoot our guns FREE and only make a $15 donation for each additional 50 rounds of ammo!

Call 865-446-2699 during regular business hours to reserve your spot in an Adult Safety Class. Preregistration is required to assure we have an instructor available.

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1874 Country Meadows Drive, Sevierville, TN


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